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Making Powerful Choices

Choice audio

Powerful Choices, Powerful Life


Every moment of our lives, we're making choices -- big ones, small ones, important ones and not-so-important ones -- so it makes sense that our choices have a big impact on our life.

The good news is, making powerful choices is a skill we can develop. When we make good choices, we reclaim our power and create fulfilling lives with greater freedom and less struggle.

In this engaging audio class, we look at:

  • What stops us from making choices
  • Why choosing consciously makes a difference
  • Reclaiming our power by choosing to choose
  • Some simple techniques for making powerful choices

Learn to make powerful choices, and get on the path to a powerful life now!


Click here to hear a sample clip.

Format: Audio CD

Length: 46 minutes

Price: $18 + shipping + NYS tax if applicable

Shipping to US only. Call or email for overseas rates.







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