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Alpha, Beta & Gamma

A Small Story


In another galaxy in another time, the planet Sentari is a perfectly orderly place. When three of its citizens, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, accidentally invent the hug, suddenly chaos reigns. As we watch the Sentarians adapt to the changes on their planet, we come to see that sometimes imperfect is the perfect thing to be! The simplicity of this adorable, illustrated tale will enchant both children and the child in all of us.

"A delightful new idea both for children and grownups ready for change!" -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

"A simple, straightforward charmer of a tale that reminds us of the power of a hug." -- Dan Millman, Author, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

"A touching story about the magic of touch." -- Robert Smith, Editor, Venture Inward

"Alpha, Beta & Gamma is a charming tale about the transforming power of a hug. This charming little story will delight children and the child within grownups. . . The message conveyed in this simple little book will help all of us to realize that life truly begins when we open our hearts." -- Leading Edge Review

Alpha, Beta & Gamma 2"Life on Sentari is precise, calculated and predictable until the day Alpha, Beta and Gamma accidently discover the hug. Suddenly, the smoothly running planet begins to experience break-downs. Children will love hearing how the Sentarians incorporate the hug into their lives, and deal with the chaos that accompanies having feelings. A wonderful tool for young children learning how to read, this endearing children's book exemplifies how being imperfect may be the best thing to be, and that magical things can happen when we reach out to touch someone." -- Focus on Books

"In another galaxy, in another time, the planet Sentari is a perfectly order placeuntilthe pint sized heroes of this illustrated book transform their perfect world with a simple hug! Delightful." - NAPRA Trade Journal

"A delightful little book offering easy text for beginning readers and a simple, but important message for stressed adults. A word of caution -- after reading Alpha, Beta & Gamma, be prepared to be in the mood to hug someone." - Argus Observer

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Format: E-book

Size: 7 1/2" x 7 1/2", 48 pages


Suggested donation: $5

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